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“I know that even Leda’s bosom was not more beautiful, ... no breast-band is needed here.” Doris glan


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ced with a smile at Coronis and the nurse. “What you praise deserves the highest compliments,” she said


soluta nobis eleifend

, “but it is not what I value most.” With a look of earnest affection she knelt before Clytie, took her ha

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    nd, and kissed it. “What I value most is my beautiful mistress’ goodness. I have served her daily ever since she was a little child—and never in that long time has she uttered a single unkind word.” “Believe me, my Clytie,” the

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    mother added, not without a certain pride, though her eyes were full of tears, “you will be fortunate and happy. What husband can fail to love you—so good and so beautiful!” Coronis now took her friend by the hand. As Clytie rose


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, the garments slipped lower and remained lying around her on the floor like a broad white linen g

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arland. An instant, but only an instant, the young girl, faintly illumined by the lamp, stood in t

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he white beauty of her snowy limbs in the dusky room; then, with a swift movement, she stepped out

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of the folds of her robes into the bath-tub. Coronis, with a mischievous expression, raised the full hydria. “Prepare to shiver, Clytie,” she said laughing. “I?/p>

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痬 going to do what is written in Lamprus’ bath-song.” And holding it so that th

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    e water trickled down over the shining, supple body, she chanted in a low tone: 157 “Slowly pour the fountain’s water O’er the white neck of the bride; Brow and bosom let

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    it moisten, Hand, and foot, and back, and side! Soon the fair one will perceive the Cooling freshness of the bath, As her fair limbs’ marble whiteness The pink bloom of roses ha

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    d of white f

    th.” While Doris was wiping her mistress’ back with a soft woollen cloth, the latter’s eyes followed the quivering drops of water that chased and mingled with each other on

  • her white neck before trickling in waving streams over the smooth skin. Clytie was not vain of her beauty; but when, as now, she look

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  • ed down over the soft slope of her shoulders and the chaste curves of her bosom she could not help receiving an impression of somethin

    the maiden’s
  • slender form, whose fai
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